Master's thesis accepted

Posted on 2007-03-05 in Lisp

My Master's thesis on type inference of dynamic object-oriented languages was accepted last week. With some luck I should graduate this month, though that's still in the hands of the university bureaucracy. Unfortunately the thesis is written in Finnish, so most of you won't be able to read it even in the unlikely chance that you wanted to.

I plan to celebrate this by going to ILC. The schedule and abstracts for the talks were just published. Lots of stuff that looks interesting, and only a couple of total wtfs. I'm intrigued by the mention in Richard Brooksby's tutorial abstract about a CMUCL port that uses MPS for the GC. Does anyone know more about that?

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By Petteri Koponen on 2007-03-05

Congratulations Juho! Now that you soon have an academic degree, you can focus on ruling the SBCL world with an iron hand.

By Pascal Bourguignon on 2008-02-06

If you translate it in English, French or Spanish, I promise I'd read it!


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